Friday, October 31, 2014

What Gymnastics Class is Right For Your Student?

Here is a handy way you can find out what gymnastics class is right for your kids.  Take the quiz and get educated.

1.  My child generally likes to
a)  Sharpen a few skills (1)
b) Jump around and go crazy (2)
c) play lots of different sports (3)

2.  What activities excite your child the most?
a)  Being able to expend a lot of energy (2)
b) Being front and center on stage  (1)
c)  Building core muscles to do lots of different things (3)

3.  What would be the best result of taking a gym class?
a)  Getting a great head start on health and fitness (3)
b)  Learning confidence and competence for future activities (1)
c)  Mastering the discipline of a recreational sport (2)

4.   In 5 years I want my child to...
a)  Have great focus and discipline (3)
b)  Be very flexible and agile (2)
c)  Be considered for school recreational activities (1)

5. My child's interest level is...
a)  on a bunch of different experiences (2)
b) On nailing one discipline really well (1)
c)  They just want to have fun and be athletic (3)

6.  I can see my child
a)  Performing for their high school sports (1)
b) Joining a team for gymnastics (2)
c)  Doing parkour around the house to impress their friends (3)

7. The best class for me would be...
a)  One I can do once a week (1)
b) One that evolves into something more professional and team oriented (2)
c) One that is fresh and new (3)

Add up the points for your answers and match them to these results:

7-10 Tumbling, Dance or Cheer Classes
The student is in love with the idea that they were meant to cheer, flip and perform for their school.  They want to nail the back hand spring so that their junior cheer league will consider them.  They also love the lime light and performing.  The Victors Gym has tumbling classes, dance classes and cheer bunny classes.

11-15  Gymnastics Classes
The student wants the whole experience for gymnastics and they have tons of energy that needs to be processed into discipline.  They want bars, beam, floor and vault.  They will get rewarded with a great gymnastics experience and learn foundation lessons for growth.

16-21  Trampoline and Tumbling Classes
Something exciting and energetic to help the student get muscle mass, core strength and agility for sports.  Basically any gymnastics class will provide this, but they prefer to take it for muscle growth and discipline.  Trampoline classes are incredibly fun and help build muscle.  Some of the best football players took tumbling classes!

For more information on how to trial any of these classes please call 585-663-4810 or visit our website at

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make the World a Better Place and Free Open Gym

The Victors Gym is working with Operation Christmas Child.  This organization gives Christmas presents to 3rd world children.  You can help their mission

1.  All you need to do is come to the front and pick up an Operation Christmas Child pamphlet

2.  Pick the Boy or Girl tab and collect an empty shoe box
3. Fill shoebox with toys (non violent), dry hygiene items, gum and $7 for shipping
4. Bring it back to the gym.  The boxes will be shipped out on November 9th!

If we get 300 boxes we will host a free Open Gym Event for everyone who participated!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 Ways Gymnastics Helps The Most Unlikely Activities

10 Ways Gymnastics Helps The Most Unlikely Sports

5.  Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling may be staged but it takes a ton of balance and choreography skills

4. Football
Receivers that take a dance or gymnastics class are more agile on their feet.

3. Public Speaking
Gymnastics promotes self confidence

2. Acting
Gymnastics boosts courage to act on stage

1. School
Gymnastics helps with focus and learning

0. Business
Gymnastics helps build hard work ethics.

Interested in learning all these skills (maybe not pro-wrestling)
come to and get your free class trial.
All ages welcome.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 10 Fun Things At Victors Day Camp

Victors Gymnastics Day Camp

June 24th-August 29th, The Victors will be open all morning and afternoon to run a fun Day Camp.  Here's some of the fun things we will be doing.

If you are interested in learning more about the camp please call us at 663-4810

10. Chalk Art

9. Bounce Houses

8. Obstacle Courses

7. Crafts

6. Water Games

5. Foam Pits

4. Snack Shop

3. Games

2. Trampolines

1. Friends

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things Gymnasts Can Do That I Can't Do

Gymnasts are amazing creatures.  They are small, agile and have muscles on their arms that I cannot identify. Here is a tribute to those who are super athletic and young, putting people like me to shame.

Climbing a Rope
(I dreaded this day in high school)

Backhand Spring


Love of Heights

Boy's who can focus at the age of 9

Do you want your child to be a super star like these kids?
Consider a Summer Session at The Victors Gymnastics

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

13 Benefits For Kids Having An Active Summer

No parent wants their child to be lazy the whole Summer.  They want their children to get the best out of the opportunity.  So instead of relying on random Summer activities here is a list of why sports camps and day camps are absolutely beneficial.

1. An active Summer promotes routine for the coming school year: while the Summer can be a free for all, kids can still get a routine through a sport's camp.

2.  Active Summer's help with brain activity:  daily exercise and activity helps the brain get a boost to stay sharp.  A study shows that 20 minutes a day of exercise helps facilitate memory and brain functions.

3.  Sports camps and day camps are excellent for helping kids get less homesick and clingy to parents.

4.  Healthy eating habits are associated with sports camps and exercise.

5.  For kids who are learning to be professionals in their sport, utilizing the Summer to practice the sport insures that the child will not lose their skills they learned during the school year.  This is especially true in gymnastics.

6.  If the child is learning new skills in the sport, the Summer often has opportunities for them to master their old skills and learn new ones.

7.  Spending time at a Summer Camp or a Day Camp increases social skills and friend making abilities in the child.

8.  Summer is when most sports clubs like to bring out new and fun stuff to bring new customers.  You can guarantee that the most entertaining events are during the Summer.

9.  According to Psychology Today, kids who go to Summer camp are more resilient and learn coping strategies faster.

10.  Studies show that 92% kids who go to Summer Camp feel good about themselves

11.  It's better than a Summer in front of the TV

12.  The Victors Gym has an 8-hour daily fun camp starting July 8th.  For more information check out: for more information.

13.  The Victors Gym has programs for gymnasts to learn their back handspring or other gymnastics skills.